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Many people have passed through the doors of Healing Through Spirit.· Some come for healing, others come because they are seeking, and others are not quite sure why they come, but one thing I know for sure, whether they know it or not, they all come for The Work. ·Below are testimonials from a variety of students and clients that have been positively impacted by The Teachings and work here at Healing Through Spirit and The School of Inner Wisdom.··· I have sectioned the testimonials into categories of classes and services.· So look for the headers that tell you what aspect of the·work· is being commented on.

I look forward to seeing you soon!


The Work

Life Infinitely Richer
My whole life has opened up in new and exciting ways since starting The Work with Rose almost two years ago. I started with the IME, followed by Co-Creation, and then less than a year later, I began Pathworking class. It is a beautiful way to see the world, and Rose guides us in a way that is forthright, candid, and compelling; she makes it as understandable as possible. Through the IME, my patterns became quite clear, and what was once a mystery about things in my life now seemed very obvious. Rose has a way of bringing that out in the process. My Co-Creation was simply a beautiful thing: looking at all areas of my life, and really focusing on what I want. In the Co-Creation process, you examine what truly makes you happy, and you recognize that it's ok to ask for what you want in life (you have to know what you want though!) and understand that you will be shown the things you do to that block the way and sometimes you find that what you wanted is not really what you wanted at all. The Work is intense, and it's called "work" for a reason: it makes you look at yourself and your patterns in ways you would never imagine. It's both daunting and liberating, and Rose is always there to guide the way. My life is infinitely richer; my whole experience is now changed. I feel blessed to have found the Work,·it has helped me see with new eyes.

Gift of Faith!
My work with Rose at Healing Through Sprit has been life changing. The IME process was like 10 years of therapy wrapped up into two very difficult transformative days. The best part is that Rose has helped me connect with God in a way I never thought possible. I have found that there is truly no better gift than the gift of faith. Thank-you Rose

Just do It!
As a student of Healing Through Spirit for the past 3 years I would like to say it has been a great journey!· I have learned so much about myself through the teachings. And through Rose who has the ability to teach in a graceful clear manner….

I also did her IME four day intensive…and it was life changing. If you are a current student, or new, I strongly recommend this piece of work.· It is very intense, but you walk away feeling liberated from any obstacles that may be holding you back from fulfilling your inner most desires. It· cleanses your mind of negative thought patterns. You understand the obstacles in your life and how they really were created. And then best of all is the transformation that comes immediately as a result. This work is an experience I will never forget.· ·Just do it!

Living Life Authentically
Feeling blessed about so much and so many things....one of which is that I followed my intuition to start taking classes with you so many years ago....what a wonderful experience it has been learning how to live an authentic life through the Work.....I feel FREE!!·


"There is only The Great Work..."

I love the teachings....once you start it's very hard to pull yourself away.· You develop a deeper understanding of yourself and life.· The knowledge and truth revealed through "The Tree" awakens the soul and enriches you spiritually.· Rose is an amazing teacher and truly devoted to "The Great Work".· She is very much a present to all of us.· It's the journey of a lifetime!

CoCreation I'ME Healing Therapy

Mental/Emotional Healing Therapy)

No words
There are no words that can· completely describe how transforming this awe-inspiring process can· be. The heaviness in my heart has been lifted and like the song says· "I can see clearly now". I am seeing my· life with such clarity. Those·few days with you, I can honestly say was· life changing. I want to thank you from my heart and soul for being beside me every· step of the way.

Who Knew
I am writing to thank you for the I'ME Healing session! Who knew·a couple of·days could transmute 48 years of chaos.· The session (along with your expertise) showed me where I had actually shutdown so many years prior.· Blocks have been released which now allow me to love, forgive, have sympathy, not pass judgement and so much more.· It's like a huge weight has been lifted.· I'm happy. I'm in a healthy relationship as a different person--a more understanding person, a compassionate person and more importantly, a better person than I was before.· I go through life more aware of what I do and say and try to do and say things in a way that my point can get across but other people's feeling do not have to be hurt in the process.· It's truly amazing!· I loved the "both guns blazing" approach for so many years and now I can't even find the bullets nor feel the need to find them.· If I had only known what an awesome transformation this process would have given me I would have done this 25 years ago!!!

Co-Creation Pathing Manifestation

A Phenomena
Rose, I shudder to think of the life I would be living today had I not pursued Co-Creation at HTS.· Knowing what you don't want is is good; but knowing what you do want, and how to get it -- that is Everything.· I thank you and HTS for having the insight to see the need for such a program and putting together one that provides the transformational services and unequivocal support throughout the process to each participant and the path of their choosing.·· The class is a phenomena of sorts -- to observe a bunch of· individuals in one state of existence methodically move through phases shifting this way and that way suddenly behind the wheel and driving their lives in the direction of their choosing, picking up the things they want to create in their life --· what else can you call such an experience?· Something not to be missed...

The Power Of CoCreation Pathing ~ It works!
CoCreation has been one of best things I have ever signed up for. First of all it works!···· Not only have I had stuff delivered I’d never thought possible. (A soulmate, a green card that came on the date I had asked for it and a painting studio/gallery), but it has also changed my way of thinking. Often I’ve come to the evening meetings feeling I was doing pretty good, or maybe more possibly, pretty bad - but I’ve always left fro with a much clearer understanding, and with a much higher spirit. It is great being able to share your stuff in a safe and confident environment, and always having·a teacher that can go right into the bone.

After my first CoCreation I thought: “alright now I know how things are working - I can just get this going by myself”. But hey, I was so wrong. Yes I had changed my way of thinking - when I did think about it!!! But the thing is, it is so easy to get back into your old patterns. I needed this kick in my butt by sitting there every other week, being forced to look back on what is going on right now, to keep me staying focused. And you learn just as much from the sharing with the other people in the group, as you do from getting lessons about your own stuff.

I have now been thru CoCreation twice, and I feel much more comfortable on my own now. I have changed so much. I have got back my belief that I can make things happen - if I want to. And, that I shouldn’t let myself limit by facts, because facts can change. And, yes I have had amazing things manifested.

Life Altering Process of Tranformation ~ CoCreation at HTS
If I had to describe the Co-Creation class in two words.... Life Altering!· I can't imagine my life if I hadn't taken the class.· Within days of the first class I could see myself transforming into a whole new person.· Taking this class made me realize that I DO deserve anything and everything my heart desires.· I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to live a more fulfilling life!· Anything I could possibly want is always within reach. ·I'm taking the Pathworking class as a follow up to the Co-Creation class.· It has really helped to keep me focused and "on track" to a new me, “the me” I was meant to be.· This class has really changed my life.· Doing this work isn't always easy but having Rose as a teacher·to guide you makes it all worth it.

Transformation in Quantum Leaps
I have been taking the co-creation class since February.· What I am experiencing since I have put my plan together is that I am calmer, more focused, positive and feeling more aware everyday.· My consciousness level has been raised by quantum leaps and although my life still has obstacles, I am looking at them in a different way and everything is manageable.· My relationships have improved with my boyfriend and my children.· I am happier and everyone around me notices my positive outlook.· The class has been rewarding, uplifting and filled me with really great energy.· I look forward to my classes and conversations with Rose and my group.

Life is Easier
Since starting classes with·HTS I've noticed a marked improvement in my general outlook on life.· Life seems easier, I feel less fear each day and I am more able to deal with whatever the universe may bring my way.· Rose has helped me push through some challenging life changes over the past few months and I'm incredibly grateful to her and my fellow students for their support.· I've managed to work through these tough times with courage and grace.· I can look back at the last few months with pride and as I continue my journey I look forward, with eager anticipation for the fantastic new life I am creating.

Qabbalistic Healing

The Power of Qabbalistic Healing Goes to the Heart

I heard about Rose and Healing Through Spirit through a friend of mine who had· done a past life regression with her.· My· interest was sparked when she told me that Rose did healing inner child· work.· I have spent many years “peeling”· through to my inner spirit, with the help of many modalities.·· At the time that my friend saw Rose, I was· experiencing a new inner awareness, and wasn’t sure “what to do with it”.· But I was feeling ready to deal with this· head on, so the timing seemed perfect to meet Rose.

During that first meeting, I was guarded as I listened to· her explain what she does, how it works, and felt no special “energy” between· us.· Rose then explained that she was· going to do a Qabbalistic Healing with me to help prepare me for our work the next· week.· Still guarded, I “allowed” her to· do this.·· After three days of· experiencing the wonderful energy from the Qabbalistic Healing, I was convinced that· Rose’s powerful gift for healing is not only real, but does not depend on the· receiver “buying into it!

I have since continued spiritual growth and healing with· the help of Rose through her work and classes.·· It has been life changing for me.

Working with the Word and Qabbalistic Healing in Boston

My name is Carole and I wanted to write this testimonial about the power of Qabbalistic Healing and Qabbalah because it has brought so many pleasant changes to my life and I would like all who believe, are skeptical or just not sure--to know that this process truly works!· I initially came to Rose on behalf of someone else who is very close to me who unfortunately was exposed to HIV by his wife.· After a year of medical visits his "good" counts were climbing but at an extremely slow pace (15-17 points every 3 months) and he was very afraid and depressed.· After one Qabbalistic Healing session with Rose his count increased substantially--100 points! His doctor was shocked and amazed and told him he was doing fantastic and keep up the good work.· He was gained weight, has managed his depression (without medication)· and is happy again.· He no longer dreads the thought of a doctor visit and is now looking forward to them.· Rose brought him hope and then topped it off with a healing.

Profoundly impacted

I have had 3 incredible experiences with Qabbalistic Healings.· Each time I would lie down on her table and with the lightest touch, I could feel myself leave my body and was taken up to the Higher Realms.· I was sure that the first session was four minutes and Rose told me it was an hour and fifteen minutes.··I felt it was life changing.· I was totally energized, not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually also.· I was able to let unnecessary emotions go and stay with the tasks at hand.· I can't really say exactly what did happen, but the change in the way I felt was profound.

Healing Arts

··On the Path·
To say the workshop “Healing Through Spirit Part I” was· awesome would not be completely true.· To· say it was spectacular and visionary would.·· Just starting back on my own path in the modality of hands on healing· using “Reiki,” I came across Rose’s website.·· I decided to take her weekend course in April 2006 and it was just the· best experience.· Rose is a brilliant· teacher and has such a passion for her work in healing people and the· universe.· Her knowledge and teaching of· so many healing modalities is incredible. I would highly recommend this· workshop to people who are just starting on their spiritual path and to people· who have highly evolved.· It is an· experience you will not forget.· Thanks· Rose!

HeSpiritual and Intuitive Development for Healers
I just wanted to Thank you for a great weekend.· It has been such a great experience and I am· so excited to learn more.· You have an· abundance of gifts and the way you absorb knowledge like a sponge is· amazing.· I can tell that you have a great· desire to share this knowledge and you are excited about what you do and that's· what makes a great teacher.· I think· everyone who took the class really enjoyed it and it showed.· I also enjoyed the music· that you have shared with us. Thanks again for a great weekend I am sure we will be in touch.·

In Love and Light

Reiki· Intensive·
Rose…Ah...I'm still basking in the glory of the weekend we spent with· you.· I learned so much from you on all different levels!· The· energy was great in your home and in the group.·· I couldn't stop talking about the weekend to my friends and· now they want to come up and spend some time with you as well.· ·Thank you.

Jumping into Reiki With Both Feet!
Rose's Reiki training is a wonderful immersion in the practice.· She strips away all the dross and takes you· straight into the pot of gold.· I was· excited to begin honing my skills, and she gave me the perfect opportunity to· do that.· I'm practicing already and loving· it, as are my "clients!"· If· you are playing with energy already, you will really enjoy this training.· If you are new to the concepts, Rose makes· everyone comfortable and draws out your inner healing nearly effortlessly.· If you're thinking about Reiki with Rose, GO· FOR IT!

Reiki· Intensive from the perspective of those already trained!
I was very hesitant in moving on to my master level of Reiki because I felt my· level I and II left me a bit “short”.· I· have to say, your “Intensive” which you provided· far surpassed· my expectations.· I felt I received the· best and most knowledgeable information.·· It encompassed every aspect I was looking for; not only a review of the· basics, but the spiritual relationship.·· It was wonderful to hear so many of my own thoughts and beliefs put into· words.· Working through the attunement· training’s were amazing.· It brought so· much together for me.· I walked away· believing I couldn’t have had a better teacher.·· I look forward to more of your amazing classes, and the beautiful· healing center you are soon to build!
With much appreciation and love

Opening· Up
"My experience with Healing Through Spirit was somewhat life altering - As I· became more aware spiritually, with guidance from Rose, I started noticing many· positive changes in my personal and business relationships.· Life just· seems easier when you are on the path and become more enlightened with guidance· from Healing Through Spirit."